Changzhou Gengyun Chemical Co., Ltd.Located in changzhou city, new north district, was founded in 2002, after several years of development, the company has in numerous renowned domestic and foreign enterprises to establish a long-term friendly cooperative relations.
       Changzhou cultivation chemical Co., LTD. Since the date of the establishment of, is committed to doing quality enterprise, credit enterprise. The company always take "the good faith service" as the enterprise objective, in order to meet the changing needs of customers for the enterprise pursuit of the goal, to establish a hundred years for the long-term development of the enterprise's direction.

The company everybody colleague reaches below common ground:
  The profits of the business enterprise, come from is perfect to the customer ministrant of process.
  The development of the business enterprise, be decided by the corporate culture of the customer trustworthiness service.
  Cultivating the chemical engineering hope can provide the organism NH series for you with the professional service of the fine chemical engineering series product.Combining the hope gets you the not stingy advising.
  The conduct and actions cultivates the guest of the chemical engineering website, your opinion is very important to us.
  The enthusiasm welcomes national every locality the factory comes the leading, talking over business.Let our common development!

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