Product Name:Dichloromethane
   Product details
Physical properties
Empirical formula CH2Cl2
Molecular Weight 84.93
Relative density(20℃) 1.32
Vapor pressure(20℃)  
Boiling point(℃) 40
Flash point(℃): No flash point of pure liquid
Color(APHA)MAX: 10
Sales targets
Project name Indicators Analysis
Dichloromethane% ≥ 99.9 Gas chromatography
Other% ≤ 0.05 Gas chromatography
Water% ≤ 0.20

Carl. Fee Hugh method

ApplicationsAppearance is colorless and transparent liquid liquid with a pungent aromatic odor. Mainly used as paint remover, used generally add some paraffin hydrocarbons, acetic acid, formic acid, alcohols, acetone mixed solvent composition. Adding polar solvents to reduce the stripping time, non-polar solvent is used as diluent. The stripping is characterized by low boiling point, quick-drying, stability, toxicity. Its vapor sprayed on the metal surface, remove the film particularly effective. Dichloromethane dissolving ability, not burning, low toxicity, recycling, good stability, it is widely used cellulose acetate, vinyl chloride fiber manufacturing and fiber processing, photographic film, artificial leather manufacturing and automotive, aircraft industry, machinery industry detergent. In addition, for fire extinguishing agents, refrigerants manufacturing.
Storage instructionsThis product is stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, away from fire, according to the provisions of the general low toxicity chemicals, storage and transportation.
PackageGalvanized iron drum, net weight of 200 kg per barrel.
Yasushi Ken HazardChloride in methylene chloride is the least toxic methane, carbon tetrachloride toxicity in the toxicity of only 0.11%. If splashed into the eyes of methylene chloride directly, there is pain and a corrosive effect. Methylene chloride vapor has narcotic effect.
First aid measures:When the risk of severe poisoning should be immediately disengage and move to fresh air, some symptoms will be eased or disappear, do not cause persistent damage.
Risk level:3.3 Packing: Ⅲ UN number: CAS No.75-09-2
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