Product Name:Dichloroethane
   Product details
Physical properties
Empirical formula C2CH4Cl2
Molecular Weight 98.96
Relative density(20℃) 1.235
Vapor pressure(20℃) 8.7KPa
Boiling point(℃) 83
Boiling point(℃): -37.5
Flash point(℃): 13
Color(APHA)MAX: 10
Sales targets:
Project name Indicators Analysis

Two monomer (VCM)%≥


Gas chromatography

High boiling≤PPM 500

Gas chromatography

Low boiling≤PPM 500

Gas chromatography

Acidity≤PPM 10

Gas chromatography

Water% ≤ 200

Carl. Fee Hugh method

Applications:With chloroform-like odor colorless oily liquid. Air and light in the color blue. Mainly used for wax, fat, rubber, solvents, also used in the manufacture of vinyl chloride and polycarbonate, but also for the barn fumigation and disinfection of the soil. Intermediate for chemical synthesis, or its by-products, also used as an anesthetic.
Storage instructionsStored in a cool, ventilated storage room. Away from open flame, heat from direct sunlight. With acids, oxidizers isolated storage, avoid moisture. Handle with care disposal to prevent container damage.
Package:Iron drum, net weight of 200 kg per barrel.
Yasushi Ken HazardDichloroethane flammable, a fire risk. Via the respiratory tract, skin and gastrointestinal absorption, in vivo metabolite of 2 - chloroethanol and chloroacetic toxic than ethylene dichloride itself. Is a strong oxidant, and corrosive steel and other metals. Decomposition occurs above 600 ℃ to produce vinyl chloride and hydrogen chloride. Is highly toxic, eye and respiratory irritant effects, the vapor can make animals, corneal opacity. Inhalation can cause cerebral edema and pulmonary edema. And can inhibit the central nervous system, stimulating the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and liver and kidney damage, skin contact can cause dermatitis.
First aid measures:Acute poisoning occurs when patients from the scene quickly, remove contaminated clothing, wash skin full. Oxygen to keep the airway open. The implementation of protective treatment of liver and kidney.
Risk level: 3 Packing UN number: 1184 CAS No.107-06-2
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