Product Name:Dimethyl carbonate
   Product details
Physical properties:
Experiment in C3H6O3
Relative density(25℃)g/cm2 1.071
Vapour pressure
The boiling point
Flash point(℃):  
Color(APHA)MAX: 10
Project name Indicators Analysis
Dimethyl carbonate % ≥ 99.5

Gas chromatography

Other% ≤ 0.40

Gas chromatography

Water% ≤ 0.10

Carl. Fee Hugh method

Application scope :Usage: it is good methylation agent, hydroformylation agent, hydroxyl methylation agent and 7-hydroxy, agents, can replace traditional use of toxic materials products phosgene, dimethyl sulfate and methyl chlorine, etc. Can also be used to synthesize the phosgene method polycarbonate, diphenyl carbonate, isocyanate and allyl diethylene glycol carbonate can also be used to synthesize carbamate pesticide, besides can be used as gasoline additives. Can also be used in special paint, paint and pharmaceutical industries. In the battery industry, can be used as lithium battery excellent medium.
Packet outfit Galvanized steel drum packaging, each net weight 200 kilos.  
Health hazard
Emergency measures :
Danger level
Packing grade : CAS号:616-38-6

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