Product Name:Acetic acid methyl
   Product details

CAS number: 79-20-9

EINECS: 201-185-2

Chinese name: methyl acetate

English name: methyl acetate, Acetic acid methyl ester

Don't name methyl acetate

C3H6O2; molecular formula: CH3COOCH3

Appearance and properties: colorless transparent liquid, have fragrance

Molecular weight: 74.08

The vapor pressure: 13.33 kPa / 9.4 ℃

Floc point: - 10 ℃

Melting point - 98.7 ℃

The boiling point: 57.8 ℃

Solution: slightly soluble in water, but soluble in alcohol, ether mixed most organic solvents

Density: the relative density (water = 1) 0.92; The relative density (air = 1) 2.55

Stability: stable

Risk marker: 7 (in flash point flammable liquids)

Main application: used as the solvent, essence, artificial leather, reagents, etc

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