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Open classification: chemistry

[Chinese name] 2 monoethanol amine; Double hydroxyethyl amine; Active ` - and amino double ethanol

[English name] diethanolamine [structure or formula.

[relative molecular weight or atomic weight 105.14 [density 1.097]]

[melting point (℃)] 28

[boiling point (℃)] 268.8

[flash point (℃)] 146; 137 (closed)

[viscosity mPa · s (20 ℃) 351.9 (30 ℃).

[1.4776 refractive index]

[character] colorless viscous liquid.

[dissolve situation] soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and acetone, benzene and aether. Has hygroscopic.

[usage] used for industrial gas purification of coke and recycling. Also for making detergent, burnishing agent, lubricant, softener, surfactant etc, also can be used in organic synthesis.

[preparation or source] by chlorine ethanol or epoxy ethane and ammonia role.

[other] have alkaline, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and gas, such as h2s.

CAS No. 42-2:111 -

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