Product Name:Dimethyl amide
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Dimethyl amide

Molecular formula:
Molecular Weight:
  Flammable colorless, transparent liquid, slightly 。Melting point -61°C,Boiling point152.8°C,Flash point 57.7°C,Refractive index1.427-1.429,Density(20°C)0.9487g/ml。With water, ether, ester, ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbon miscible. There are hygroscopic。
  Is an important organic chemical raw materials and excellent solvent. In man-made leather and chemical fiber textiles used as solvents; the pesticide used in the synthesis of high-performance and low toxicity of pesticides; in the petrochemical industry as a gas absorbent for gas separation and purification; in medicine for the synthesis of sulfadiazine, cortisone, vitamin B6 and other drugs: gas analysis is also used as a stationary phase. Packaging, storage and transportation: 200L plastic drum or iron drum packing slip inside. Confined storage. Storage and transportation in order to prevent leakage, to avoid the rain, sun, no impact and friction, away from fire, stored in a cool dry place
  Q/320483 XY201-2001
Boiling range:
Index name First-class goods Qualified products
Colorless transparent liquid No visible impurities
Dimethylformamide content% ≥ 99.8 99.5
Methanolmg/kg ≤ 50 100
Colority(Pt-Co)No.: 5 10
Refractive index n25D ≤ 1.427-1.429
Water% ≤ 0.05 0.10
Formic acid mg/kg ≤ 30 50
Dimethylaminemg/kg ≤ 15 30
PH value (20% solution) ≤ 6.5-8.0 6.5-9.0
Fe Content mg/kg ≤ 0.05 -

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