Product Name:Acetonitrile
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English name:Acetonitrile
Alias:Methyl cyanide
[Flammable liquid] in the flash point of liquid
[Chemical structure]
[Chemical characteristics]

Colorless liquid, with aromatic smells, toxic air in the maximum allowable concentration of 40ppm. Rat lethal dose by half from 200 to 453.2 mg / kg, the goods will polymer into dimer and trimer can be dissolved in water and alcohol, relative density: 0.7868 (20/20 ° C) Melting point: -45 ° C boiling point: 81.1 ° C flash point: 5.56 ° C (open cup) self-ignition point: 525 ° C Explosive Limit: 4.4% ~ 16% heat of combustion value: 1266 kJ / mole
[Limit parameter]
(Liquid, 20 ° C) vapor pressure of 13.33 kPa (27 ° C) critical temperature: 274.7 ° C Critical pressure: 4833 kPa
Toxic, flammable, and air can form explosive mixtures, when fire, high temperature, the strong oxidizer combustion explosion hazard, and sulfuric acid, oleum, chlorosulfonic acid, such as perchlorate reacted strongly.
[Disposal methods]
Foam, carbon dioxide, sand.

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